Michael Havas, the world acclaimed New Zealand filmmaker with Czech roots and who is credited with more than 60 films, many of which have won international awards, will be taking his seat to head the international professional jury at the second edition of the IFF Earth Talks.

” What I appreciate above all at Earth Talks is that it shows the world in a broader context,” reveals chairman of the jury.

His own work is very wide ranging, from showing the events in a broader and new historical context, showing the importance of cultural heritage through to the protection of nature. While he lived in Germany, he co-produced short films by Jan Švankmajer. He has collaborated with many prominent celebrities such as Sir Peter Ustinov, Peter Gabriel, Michael Frayn, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam. He has also worked for well-known international television stations in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic. He is currently working at directing and producing more films. His deep interest in the documentation of life, society and events led him to university auditoriums, where he lectures in visual anthropology.

And how will this well-known director handle the evaluation of the 853 films from 81 countries which have been submitted this year? “I look forward to the role of chairman of the jury of this festival,” says Michael Havas. “Anyone who watches a film takes from it something different, because it involves their own past experiences. Therefore, when rating movies, I emphasize mainly on the authenticity and context“ he adds to the method of assessing the movies.

“I’m always looking for authentic movies that reveal their essence. Movies that have that magical power to connect to our emotions. Movies that show us in a different light to what we think we know, or reveal something that we don’t know.“

Together, we would like to add: “Come and watch the festival Earth Talks, you will leave a richer person.”