The International film festival starts 6 October 2017 with a prestigious competitive awards festival in Prague. In October it will begin the journey with the award winning films and accompanying program around Czech Republic. This is the second edition of the festival which was originally called Ekotopfilm. This international film festival offers a unique atmosphere connecting the world of film, entertainment and the will to live, in accordance with the sustainability of life on this planet. Visitors can enjoy a showcase of documentaries from around the world, lectures by experts, discussions with writers, meetings with directors and celebrities, workshops, themed events, concerts, exhibitions along with a program for children.

Thanks to the huge interest of filmmakers in the festival Earth Talks there have been 853 films submitted from 81 countries, so there will be plenty to choose from. But for the shortlist of the best films, which will advance through to the competition, the jury can only choose 80 of them. All 80 films will be shown to the public and the international jury will judge the films in seven categories, with a winner in each category. This year for the first time, in addition to the traditional awards from the international jury, there will be an award voted on by the attending public.