International film festival Earth Talks has become a significant cultural and social project which inspires and helps with the implementation of the principles of sustainability, with patronage from the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic and the Prague branch of intergovernmental organisation of the United Nations. This year we also established cooperation with National Geographic. We appreciate the trust from these major institutions, who have decided to support the IFF Earth Talks and to help with its organisation.

In my opinion the cooperation on the education and of raising awareness works best,” said Michal Broža, director of the Information Centre of the UN in Prague. Continuing about the cooperation with the IFF Earth Talks: “Film, as you know, is a great medium for raising awareness and the understanding of what is happening around us. Movies can give us the needed “kick” so we understand how badly we are treating our planet, and they can inspire us by showing the people who are actually doing something to rescue it. Perhaps, we will all do something as well.“

“Have fun, learn and don’t be indifferent to each other or to the people and the world around you,” is the message from the representative of the UN. According to him the biggest problems of the near future will be due to climate change and the water shortage.

The cooperation and the positive impact of the festival on society is also highly valued by Lada Dobrkovská, a representative of National Geographic in the Czech Republic. “Well-written and directed documentary films capture the viewer, make him think, and motivate him to change his behavior and his approach to life on Earth in general,” concludes Lada Dobrkovská.