The campaign for the first year of the festival, called “We are running out of actors“, which became the festival’s official jingle, earned a bronze “Louskáček” award in the category of advertisers (the biggest award in the Czech Republic).

The role of the African lion is taken by the dog, a white rhinoceros is portrayed by a domestic pig and a parrot cockatoo is portrayed by the pigeons, which are common in the streets of the cities. In a similar way, in the future a director might have to replace the “actors”, if he would want to shoot a documentary. Many animal species worldwide are on the verge of extinction and once it happens, it will no longer be possible to observe them in the wild nor shoot documentary films about them.

Since last October the campaign of the first the festival has been communicating this fact strongly. The festival, still with its original name Ekotopfilm, visited the 40 city in the Czech Republic in May this year. Its message, the films and accompanying program attracted 72 000 visitors. The campaign with the dressed up animals, that accompanied the festival in cinemas and in the media, gained success during the whole promotion. In addition to the “Louskáček” award, for which the agency Mark BBDO received an advertising award from ADC Creative Awards, it has also won the best campaign of the year 2016 from Mediář and the magazine MarketingSalesMedia.

The honorary president of the festival Earth Talks, Steve Lichtag, knows a lot about the issue of the dwindling “actors”. He comments about the message of the campaign:

“It’s in the hands of all of us! If we, the people, learn to listen to nature’s call for help, then perhaps the time will come when we will stop running out actors. But for the time being we intend to continue with a similar campaign for the next year.“

The International film festival Earth Talks starts on 6 October 2017 in Prague in the beautiful building of Městská knihovna and in the cinema Dlabačov. After the opening, once again the Award-winning films will then head to other cities around the Czech Republic. So you had better come while there’s still something to see!